Chance, Merit, and Economic Inequality

A robust solution to inequality, poverty, and economic immobility for progressives and conservatives

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I want to insist on this point: the key issue is the justification of inequalities rather than their magnitude as such. —Thomas Piketty, Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2014), 264


Joseph de la Torre Dwyer




Joseph works as a researcher at Knology, focused on distributive justice and policy, program evaluation, as well as data analysis and visualization.

Hobbies include too much time fiddling with (breaking and repairing) his various digital devices, honing reproducible research techniques, and proselytizing philosophy, statistics, and privacy practices. Also soccer, tennis, and games in general.


  • Distributive Justice
  • Responsibility, Desert, and Control
  • Reproducible Research with R


  • PhD in Political Science, 2013

    Rutgers University

  • BA in Government, 2002

    University of Notre Dame

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Just Deserts

Economic justice is giving to each exactly what they deserve.


An R package to calculate, describe, and plot economic distributions that are just.


An RStudio Addin that enables templated commits for automated software release versioning.

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A prose-free, peer-reviewed journal to better advance human knowledge and the use thereof.


Tools for Writing Reproducible Research in R

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Chance, Merit, and Economic Inequality

This book develops a novel approach to distributive justice by building a theory based on a concept of desert. As a work of applied …

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